Attolico’s fault? No

Nomura is late again. Attolico’s fault? No.


New Character De Visdomini

De Visdomini is a new character created for the series. His name is Banks, the King Arturo best friend. Togheter they will fight for the crusade searching for the role sacred nomura and pizza from calabria.

In the meanwhile, Alessandro and his mester Attolico, rescues the big Jellyfish – Nomura – from the deep sea, where the sand bank reaches the sky (it does not make sense! I’ll come back later).

Calabria Pizza, Latte Derivati e Nomura

This is Alessandro calling earth: We have found pizza from Calabria. Call Attolico and tell him Alessandro is cooking the Nomura Jellyfish already.

Attolico doesn’t like Nomura very much. The Nomura Jellyfish is not as good as the pizza from Calabria. Alessandro doesn’t care about it. He eats Nomura or pizza from Calabria at breakfast.

Don’t let the indagini take control of the world!!